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Rumble Through the Jungle

September 29, 2016

On September 10th, 2016, the cross country team attended the Rumble Through the Jungle in Goshen, KY. Umar Nasim clocked in a memorable performance and made the top 50 for the JV race. Simon Buckner, Fisher “Skeeter” Beasley, Aaron “Ronny” King, Levi Wolff, Will Garner, and Grady “Blackout” Stevens also turned in excellent performances. Watch out for them this season. In the varsity race, Ethan Henes came in 52nd overall in the Varsity race with Charlie Hill, Nate Schmidt, Will “Willy” Hunter, and Timothy Williams coming in close behind him. Overall, it was an excellent way to show the team where they needed to improve and what they needed to do in order to get faster. Come and see the team at the Greater Louisville Classic on October 1st. Varsity starts at 1:15, JV starts at 2:30. See you there!



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