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What to expect: Pearl Project 5.0

October 4, 2016




This Friday, October 7th, from 7-10 PM, Collegiate’s semi-annual Pearl Project will take place in the Davis Commons. For those of you who don’t know, Pearl Project is all about female empowerment and Amazon bonding through student led speeches, discussions, and activities. It’s guaranteed that if you ask anyone who has attended, they will say they loved it.  Expect the Davis Commons to be transformed into a homey space covered in Christmas lights, Mrs. Goldstein’s room to be filled with Canes catering and desserts, inspiring speeches from your peers, everyone to be in PJ’s, and an amazing time. At my first Pearl Project as a sophomore, I wasn’t expecting much. I thought it would be awkward talking to girls from other grades and that the activities would be lame, but I was so wrong. I could never have guessed how impactful that night would be on me and my relationships with Collegiate girls. I learnt so much more about my peers and ultimately formed such strong relationships with all the girls that went. Now, as a senior, I’m one of the organizers of the event, and it’s honestly my favorite school tradition. If my passion for the event, signature Pearl Project necklaces and stickers, Canes chicken and fries, and bonding don’t persuade you enough to come, I don’t know what else will. Mark your calendars and show out to this semester’s Pearl Project!! Can’t wait to see you there. :)


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