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Junior Leadership in the Edge

October 5, 2016

Most Edge classes devote themselves to building up moral principles, but a unique Edge class run by Mrs. Boles shows students how to be responsible leaders in their community. On October 4, Juniors in the current Edge class worked with the Olmsted Park Conservancy to remove invasive species from Cherokee Park. Cherokee Park’s close proximity to Collegiate School demonstrates how Mrs. Boles’s Edge program teaches students how they can be beneficial to their community inside and outside of school. During the Junior’s visit to Cherokee Park, students learned how to use common gardening tools and gained knowledge about how species invade habitats. Henry Stites, a student from the Edge class, reflected on this positive experience by stating, “I learned the value of teamwork and that made the job easier.” The Collegiate community continues to build stronger foundations for their students by providing these life changing opportunities.



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