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The Life of Tysen Kennedy

November 14, 2016

Tysen, a Junior with a passion for pondering life, won the Twitter lottery for Pandemonium. I had the pleasure of talking to him about his life, his future, and his emotions. When one thinks of Tyson Kennedy, he or she pictures soccer. Tysen has played soccer for many years of his life, starting when he was around four years of age. Since then, he has played in hundreds of matches. Tysen is also an avid soccer fan, citing Liverpool F.C. as his favorite team. He explained that his passion for Liverpool roots from a family connection. He made it clear that soccer has been an integral part of his life for a very long time. Given this information, one may believe that Tysen wants to be a soccer player when he gets out of college; however, this is not the case. Tysen actually wants to be an accountant. He explained that, although he loves soccer deeply, his true passion is in mathematics. He also said that statistics is his favorite math subject, but he still loves precalculus. He believes he can start out his career as an accountant by first going to Miami of Ohio and receiving a degree in accounting.


Moving away from Tysen’s future, when I asked him about what food he enjoyed, he replied with the single word “spaghetti.” Tysen then clarified that he loves all noodles, but spaghetti is his favorite. When I asked him an actually important question, what his favorite flavor ramen was, he took a moment to ponder, and then he stated that chicken was his favorite ramen. I agreed, chicken is the best flavor.  

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