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The Secret Life of a History Teacher

January 26, 2017

Who is your history teacher? There is a good chance that it is Jon Arnold. To many, he is just a man, pondering why Napoleon invaded Russia or why The Count of Monte Cristo is such a great movie, and to some, he is a devoted teacher, grading papers and using CNN 10 as a warm-up for class. Who is the man behind the facade of Jon Arnold? To answer this question, Pandemonium sent two intrepid reporters, Parker Duff and Garrett Sams, to investigate the mystery. They found that the story of Jon Arnold is a deep story, an emotional story, and a reflective story.  

Mr. Arnold is a thoughtful man. He runs, reads, loves animals, and travels the world. This thoughtfulness may be hidden to the average student depending on his or her standing in Arnold’s class. Jon Arnold is also the father to two children, and a grandfather. When he retires, he hopes to substitute occasionally, but he really wants to travel the world. Collegiate will miss Mr. Arnold when he retires. When one thinks of Collegiate, he or she most likely imagines a Mr. Travis. However, a close second is Mr. Arnold. Mr. Arnold has actually not always been a teacher. He started teaching to rekindle his passion. If you do not know Mr. Arnold, you should meet him. If you do know him, you know why Pandemonium interviewed him. He exudes mystery. (This mystery is probably not captured correctly in the video clip due to Garrett’s fingers hitting the microphone.)


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