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Guide to the Mighty Fine Delicious Sandwich

May 9, 2017

Food lovers everywhere, today I want to share with you the single most delicious sandwich ever created. Not only is this sandwich the best thing you’ve ever eaten, but you can make it in under five minutes. So what is in this delectable creation? Well, you start with a bagel and perfectly toast it. Then you lightly spread mayonnaise across the surface and stack it high with your meat. This is where you can get creative because any meat works perfectly in combination with the crunch and warmth of the bagel along with the salty mayonnaise. I highly recommend turkey or ham cold cuts; however, steak or chicken is just as fantastic. Next, you add lettuce for a little more crunch and a slice of cheese. Your sandwich is complete, but you can also combine this mouthwatering creation with a big bowl of chicken noodle soup. I also like to add a side of pita chips for even more crunch!




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