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How Well Do You Know Mr. Erath?

May 11, 2017


How well do you know Mr. Erath? Odds are not too well. Those familiar with him in the Lower School might know him as Mr. Justus, but that is not his name. This man–confined to his troll room in the basement–has much more to him than bow ties and boat making. Along with his workmanship and a dashing sense of style, Mr. Erath is a passionate teacher and a fascinating person. To learn more about him, Pandemonium sent two of its finest reporters, Clarke Miller and Parker Duff, to investigate who that person is in that room that no one ever passes.



Mr. Erath describes himself as awesome, healthy, intelligent, and curmudgeonly. What he has in confidence, he lacks in detailed description. While he did not delve into his personal life or swing dancing, he gladly answered our questions about his high school life. He described himself as a fairly nerdy high schooler who “liked learning.” So nerdy, in fact, he almost ended up as a missile defense engineer before he found teaching. He is a major proponent of evidenced based decision making, and he is a huge fan of Neil Degrasse Tyson because, like Mr. Erath, “he is not afraid to say that you are wrong about this.” Watch until the end for an educational rant on climate change.




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