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Exiting President Sets Record High Approval Rating

June 13, 2017

Parker Duff finished the year with the highest approval rating in history as Senior Class President.


Recent polling conducted by Pandemonium indicate that Parker Duff left office with a 100% approval rating, the highest in recorded senior class president history. For reference, the recent polling blows Vladimir Putin’s December-2014 89% approval rating out of the water.


Senior Class Secretary Jordan Aberson comments on Parker’s term, “He may have set the bar too high in being the first president to lead his class to open campus in recent memory, while also balancing leading the best golf and basketball teams in school history, and maintaining a perfect approval rating.” Parker’s mom reflected on her son’s presidency, “Yeah, he was okay. I’m honestly surprised he survived the impeachment proceedings.”


Sophie Call will have quite a bit to live up to. Tune into Pandemonium next year to see if Sophie is able to escape the shadow of her predecessor.



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