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A Super Spooky Halloween

     Collegiate celebrated its very first Halloween on the renovated campus. Students and teachers alike came to school in costume--some in full makeup, others with a simple onesie. After a fantastic instrumental performance at the Halloween Assembly--with a particularly magical cello section, sporting their best Harry Potter attire-- the lower school students paraded through the building. After the parade, they returned to their homerooms for their annual Halloween parties. This year, students not only got to eat as much candy as their hearts desired but also participated in a service project. One class wrote letters welcoming refugees to America. Freshmen officers set up trick-or-treating in morning advisory. During our ten minute advisory period, Freshmen stopped at each of the six Freshmen advisor's rooms to pick up candy.

 It's safe to say the Grinch didn't steal Halloween this year.


     In the upper school, math classes related their word problems with Halloween themed topics. In addition, some extremely generous teachers passed around candy for their festive students. During this Halloween season, the Collegiate theatre class performed Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. This play focuses on the Salem Witch Trials and the fear of public terror. The Crucible is just another example of how Collegiate enjoys the spooky holiday.


     Some of our favorite costumes can be seen below. More pictures can be viewed. Collegiate celebrates both Halloween and Christmas, so photos of Secret Santa and the Winter assembly will come out soon too! 



Lower school teachers (from left to right) Ms. Moore, Ms. Scherer, Ms. Davis, Mr. Schindler,  Ms. Watkins, Ms. Morgan, and Sra. Long collaborated to represent Discovery Channel’s favorite week of the year, “Shark Week”.  


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