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January 22, 2018





Pad Thai- For when you need to cross the world, and get as far away from exams as possible

Best Pad Thai in Louisville? Simply Thai.



Waffles -Because everyone needs a little Leslie Knope in their lives.

Best Waffles in Louisville? North End or Waffle House.




Ice Cream (straight from the tub)- Perfect for crying, melts well.

Best ice cream in Louisville? If you’re looking for creamy, go for Comfy Cow. If you’re looking for satisfying, go for Graeter’s.




Popcorn- Add toppings to make your own personalized mix! Popcorn is the ideal food to mindlessly gorge on while studying.

Best place in Louisville to eat popcorn? While watching Netflix under a cozy blanket.



STRAIGHT Espresso - Good for pulling that all nighter. DO NOT dilute with milk at any expense.

Best espresso in Louisville? Day’s Coffee.



Toll House Cookie Dough - Purely because Mrs. Scharfenberger said so. It’s possible that she will give you extra credit if you give proof that you ate an entire tub in one sitting.

Best place in Louisville to eat cookie dough? Your own room; especially delicious while procrastinating.




Hot Chocolate - Get festive! Christmas is so close you can taste it.

Best hot chocolate in Louisville? Please and Thank You Bakery.



Apple Cider - Fabulous transitional beverage from fall to winter.

Best Apple Cider in Louisville? Huber’s.




Mac and Cheese - Food Club says it’s the most delicious thing in the history of the world.

Best mac in Louisville? Panera.



Dark Chocolate - Scientists and students alike adore this superfood.

Best dark chocolate supplier in Louisville? Cellar Door Chocolates.





Honorable mention:


Bananas- A brain strengthening fruit that is probably the best fruit in the entire world. However, It is indisputable that Gwen Stefani taught you how to spell banana.




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