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POSH: "A Review of the Rivue"

March 23, 2018


 A Note From The Editor:  Zeno has had this one cooking for a long time. He somehow comes off as more posh in this article than his last article regarding polo. I do not know how. This is a review of an extremely expensive restaurant. Say what you will about Zeno, but the man knows his audience. I'll just quickly give a quick disclaimer: I've never been to this restaurant, and I do not know what a filet mignon is. According to Zeno, eating expensive food is "an experience worth living," so enjoy. 


-Garrett Sams, Editor and Uncultured Swine  



     Upon entering the Rivue, the patron is greeted with a classic, elegant, noir atmosphere, suiting for a restaurant of the Rivue’s reputation. The entryway is lined with an arcade spanning a wall of windows overlooking the busy world of Mainstreet stretching down the hallway to the main cafeteria. When entering the primary dining area, the customer stands in awe as he or she witnesses the beauty of the restaurant, resembling an almost roaring 20’s style design with eclectic black-and-white zebra striped table clothes and crystal ball lights circling down from the ceiling. There is a rotating and non-rotating section of the restaurant, I recommend the rotating side, which is complete with a gorgeous view of the river, especially after dark. 


    The menu at the Rivue contains a variety of foods, ranging from casual dishes such as different kinds of pasta, falafels, salads, and lobster to hardier foods such as red-meat steaks, filet mignons, NY strips, and, of course, my favorite: the rib-eye. The food gets two thumbs up from me, having my steak cooked to perfection and topped off with a delicious creme brulee for dessert torched to an amazing crispness. 


    The experience as a whole is definitely one to see for yourself; from the rotating circular room to the beautiful Gatsby-styled ambiance to the amazing food, the Rivue is a unique restaurant with an experience worth living. 


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