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My First Real Rollercoaster

December 17, 2018

Finally I was getting into the cold hard roller coaster seat. This was the day of my first real roller coaster ride. I mean real like the crazy ones you see in movies, wind pushing into your face turning your cheeks red but this is not a movie.

       I was in Animal Kingdom at Disney World, with my mom, my dad, and my sister.

        We had a FastPass for Expedition Everest (a really  scary roller coaster) and I thought I would just wait in the sweltering hot sun with Mom. I looked over at Dad but before I could tell him goodbye he told me, “ Come with us. I bet you’ll like it.” I was mad. I knew when he does this he always forces me into doing it. I tried to turn back  but before I could he clenched my wrist. “ But I don’t want to go,” I complained.

     “Just try it. If you don’t like it you don’t have to go again.”

     He dragged me into the wait line. I tried my best to turn back but it was worthless. I knew I was going to have to ride that terrifying ride.

     In the line my stomach was lurching, my palms were as sweaty as ever, but the rest of my body was chilly from the air conditioning.

    My sister asked if she could sit with me for my first time on the ride. “Sure,” I exclaimed with a trembling voice, for she is very comforting to me.

    It seemed only seconds later we were at the front. Now I was starting to miss the wait line with its yeti decorations and prayer flags. Then a terrible thing happened, a man guided us to a car.

   Finally I was getting into the cold, hard roller coaster seat.

    I pulled down my restraint and grabbed my sister’s hand. “ There’s no turning back now, ” I whispered to her. I looked back at my dad who was sitting behind me. He was smiling. Now the butterflies in my stomach were going wild like they were trying to eat their way out. I held my sister’s hand as the car slowly started to  inch forward.

     At first the car was moving so slowly I thought the ride was going to be a piece of cake. It got a little faster but nothing to be scared of, or so I thought.

     The track turned and we started climbing up the mountain. I felt as if the track went up forever. On, and on,we climbed until we slowly trudged through a cave. At first I thought nothing of it , but then I looked on the wall and there was the shadow of the yeti. The shadow looked as if it was ripping up the tracks ahead. I then realized that this might be when something awful would happen.

     When we came up to the warm but icy peak ( it was fiberglass) my sister and I surprisingly laughed. The whole area was covered in hair ties. Pink, green, black, blue. It was like looking at a rainbow of colorful stretchy bands.

    But then something else caught my eye. The whole cart was moving back for there was no other way to get past with the ripped up tracks ahead of us! Then I realized we were switching onto another track!

“Here we go!” Emma shouted in excitement. I clenched my my sister’s wrist. “ It’ll be over soon” I tried to tell myself.

     As we plummeted backwards into the pitch black cave I felt as if I was falling into a black hole. We were spinning around in loopty loops. I couldn’t tell what was up and what was down. I was clutching my sister’s hand like my life depended on it. Suddenly I found myself screaming……… but of laughter? I was yelling and screaming and laughing. It was happening all at once. I loved it! I was rushing through the air one second and  riding out the mouth of the cave the next.

     Finally we were at the top of the mountain slowly skidding to a stop. Then we zoomed all the way down to the bottom of the mountain. We started spinning around on the tracks at the bottom. That’s when I started to get nauseous. Although, I didn’t care that I was feeling sick. Even if I vomited all over the roller coaster ( which would probably smell absolutely disgusting) I would still always have that fun, amazing memory inside my head.

     As I got off the ride, I was wobbly like a leaf in the rain. I started to even out but I was still sort of nauseous.

    As soon as I saw Mom I zoomed up to her. “ How was it?” she asked.

    “ It was amazing!” I exclaimed while grinning ear to ear. “Would you go on it again?” she quizzed.

    That was the day I realized sometimes trying new things is great! And even if I used to be scared of roller coasters, I sure do like them now.


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